skEdit 4.1.5

Text editor with a focus on web design and development

Not bad

Stability fixes


  • Stability fixes

skEdit is a simple, powerful and flexible text editor especially useful for developers


Designed for Mac OS X

skEdit was written from the ground-up for Mac OS X using Cocoa, delivering the user experience Mac users expect

Site-based file navigation

Open your development site in the Site View to have easy access to all of your files

Integrated FTP/SFTP/WebDAV

Use the integrated FTP/SFTP/WebDAV support to upload/download/edit your files on remote servers

Effective editing

Includes support for a variety of text-encodings, Unix, DOS, and Mac files, code-completion, autotabbing, line-numbering, syntax highlighting, and more

Powerful find and replace

Run plain-text or regular expression searches on single or multiple files

HTML tidy integration

Use the HTML Tidy tool to clean and format your HTML

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